About me.

What would you like to know

About me?

Because yes, I'm 5'3"

My eyes like the sea.

And my hair's almost always a mess.


But, I dress to impress.


The click-clack of my heels

And the bow on my head,

Might make you believe

That you know about me.


But what if I said,

Who I am in my head

Isn't at all what you've seen?


Now what if I said that it's not about me?

Why you're here is for you.

Now it's all about you.


Would that make you stay?

Or would that make you go?


Cause it's true what remains,

Might say more about me 

Than it will about you,

But here's hoping it, too,

Speaks a lot about you.


Are you happy or sad?

Are you short or are you tall?

Are you thick or are you thin?

Are you getting back up or

Are you ready to fall?


Either way, does it matter?

You could read on about me, but you'd never quite know

Just as much as you could

If you go in alone. . .


With your mind set

All About You.


- Sarah Clayton

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